A Labor of Love

     The studio is on to its next holiday,  one that celebrates the amazing feeling of love. Valentine’s day is only a couple of weeks away. Today, a special customer of ours, whom we consider a wonderful friend, was at the studio painting a heart trinket box for his special love.  He shared with me the beautiful story of how he and his fiancée met, how they courted each other through the years and how they arrived at where they are now, engaged to be married this year.  His eyes twinkled with passion for his partner.  He spoke about some of his struggles with love that he faced at different points in his life and how he persevered  and jumped his share of hurdles to get to where he is today.  He is what I like to think of as an “old soul”.  I admire him for the great strides he has made on his journey and the wisdom that he so graciously imparted to me.  I too know love and it’s in describable  feeling.  I also know that love is not stagnant, it is always flowing and moving to different rhythms like a dance. Love challenges us to be compassionate, caring and honest. Love exists in varying degrees at different times in our lives whether it be for a partner, a family member, a friend, a pet or most importantly yourself.  I encourage you this Valentine’s day to not only create something special for a loved one but also to do something exceptional for yourself.  I support you on this “love affair” because I am sure that we have a blank canvas here at Spirit of Clay, whether it is ceramic, glass or clay, waiting for someone to breathe life into it by creating a labor of love. A piece of art just waiting for you to claim as a gift for that special someone in your life, YOU!

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