About Us

Spirit of Clay is a dream come true.

Kathy Head Shot

In 2003, Kathy and Kelly took a class at Lakeland Community College called “From Dreams to Reality” and upon completion of the class, decided to become  entrepreneurs. In June 2004, after countless hours of research, hiring a consultant and wise advice from many small business owners, they opened Spirit of Clay.

In 2015 Kelly decided to leave the studio for other adventures.

Kathy continues to operate the studio for it is her passion. Kathy has a strong background in art and appreciates how the creative process can influence one’s life and help one to heal while in the mist of the daily struggles we all experience. She is grateful to have the opportunity to provide this service to the people who walk through her studio doors. Kathy believes in supporting local businesses whenever possible and also offering her services and support to the surrounding communities and the organizations within them.

Kathy is a big animal lover.  You will often see the company mascot Zoe, a Papillon, greeting you from behind the Spirit of Clay counter.