Beauty is there if you look out the window.

cardinalIt is so hard for me to get use to the winters in Cleveland.  I am not a big fan of the cold but I have weathered it all my life.  I would much rather put on a sweatshirt and go for a walk on a cool day in the spring than bundle up in a heavy coat and brave the winter elements. I must say though as I sat inside my warm home and looked outside my back window I realized that winter can be beautiful in a retrospective way.  Upon the ground was a gorgeous blanket of white snow glistening and pure.   Underneath the many bird feeders(which I must admit are filled by someone other than myself) I spotted a majestic bright red cardinal picking at the little specks of seeds that had made their way to the ground. The colors as they all came together were amazing.  In our home we always say when we see a cardinal that it is Grandma-a remarkable and loving woman who passed away many years ago.  She has always loved cardinals.  It always brings us comfort to imagine that she is stopping by to check in on us and to let us know that she is always close by.  Grandma was an artist and created amazing watercolor paintings which grace many walls in our home.  So as I glanced out the window and took in the scenery I was reminded that even in hard times whether it be the bitter cold temperatures outside or even dark moments in our lives there is still beauty all around us.  Beautiful colors and works of art.  We just have to remember to look outside the many windows in our lives and take in the splendor all around us.  Thank you Grandma for helping open my eyes today to the art all around me.

                                                     You are beautiful …

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