Family memories

At Spirit of Clay we have been blessed with seeing families make memories together.  Gingerbread houses are such a big hit this holiday season.  It was not significant  what holiday belief was being celebrated , all that mattered was that families came together to join in the magic of the season.  We had a little girl named Greer sit down with her dad for a special date, from which they will light up their clay house, their memento of this evening spent together, every year during this season or whenever memories are most important.  I watched them as they pressed in and smoothed out the supports that held up the walls of clay  and realized that at the same time  they were also building and strengthening the framework of their relationship.  By spending this time together they were creating their own magical memories.  The smiles that they shared and the love and patience that they showed for each other was very heartfelt.

This year alone, in our studio, our own little house of clay, we had over 50 beautiful and unique houses constructed not only of clay but most importantly of love and memories.  We are so happy to be apart of the magic.  (By the way, Greer and her Dad also built a haunted house together in the fall. Word has it from her Mom that we will most likely be lucky enough to have them join us here at the studio to make a clay Valentines house). Thanks to Greer and her Dad for being part of “our” memories at Spirit of Clay.


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