Handbuilt Clay Homes

     photo(2)We are on an architectural development spree here at Spirit of Clay.  There have been houses built of many shapes and sizes.  They are designed with different holidays and seasons in mind . Halloween, St Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Gingerbread house and a spring house or Easter house and that is just the beginning of this craze.The wheels have been turning for the next one.  Unlike most houses that you see while driving around, these structures are fun, artsy, bright and colorful.  They run the gambit when it comes to the colors that they are painted. You will see them covered with spirals, dots, stripes and any other design that the artist has been inspired by.  Some of our home builders are children while some are adults.  People build them as a group, as a family or by themselves.

Just think, these houses were built from slabs of clay for the walls and a bowl of clay slip for the mortar.  They are constructed with smiles, laughter and enthusiasm.  No two houses are the same.  You come in and build the house and about 2 weeks later you come back and paint it.  We fire it again and then you pick it up.  What’s really cool is that it lights up not only your face but the room that you put it in.  Have you ever wanted to design your own house but you lacked the confidence to persevere?  Take that inner child by the hand and come in and build a house that you will cherish forever.

(please call ahead and sign up for a class)


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