Holiday Memories

photo(3)What an amazing Holiday season that we had at Spirit of Clay.  Kelly and I were just talking today about all the memories that have been made here at the studio. There was little Max who painted colorful brush strokes on a large pasta bowl and then with black paint put his hand prints on the front , he made this gift for Grandpa to open.  Mary and Lucy came in with their Mom and made a gingerbread house out of clay, came back and painted it and now it is proudly displayed in their home, as they grow, so will their memories of the day they spent together.  Nancy came in and painted ornaments for all 6 of her children to hang on their Christmas tree and then one day when they are grown they will hang it on their own tree and read the inscription on the back-Love Mom , 2012.  There was 3 kids who came in with their Dad and made a cup, plate and a toy soldier for Mom to open Christmas morning.  They painted their pieces with no inhibitions as Dad told them what a beautiful job they had done and how they needed to keep it a secret from Mom.  Maggie came in and created awesome gifts out of clay along with her Mom and her cousin to hand out to their loved ones for the holidays. Hailey came in and found the elf on the shelf and her name was entered in a drawing that was later picked to win the prize of Spirit , our own little elf on the shelf.  Diana  stopped in to just escape from the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping and spent time making some thing for herself, she gave herself the gift of quiet and art.  These are just a small sampling of all the people who graced us with their presence here at Spirit of Clay. So many people not only created pieces of art but more importantly  they made memories they will carry with them forever. 

Kel and I also carry with us wonderful memories from this holiday season and we have all of you to thank for that.  You have shared so much with us just when you walk in the door.  You give us hope for many more years to come and for that and much more we are grateful beyond words.  Thank you for making our memories possible and also for letting Spirit of Clay be part of yours. It is Christmas eve and we would like to wish all of you who celebrate Christmas a very happy and merry day filled with wonderful memories.

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