Kiln Magic


A friend of ours once told us it’s either Christmas or Halloween when the kiln is opened after a glaze fire.  Christmas being – “WOW, everything looks amazing and fired beautifully”.  Halloween being – “Something during the fire has gone awry – frightening”.  Thank the kiln goddess that it is happy holidays 99.9% of the time.  Everything starts off in the kiln a pasty blue-green color after the pieces are dipped in a final glaze and then  comes out 2 1/2 days later shinning with beautiful colors.  We opened up the kiln today and what to our wondering eyes should appear but an oven full of colorful gingerbread houses painted with cheer.  We are always amazed when we see all the creativity that abounds at Spirit of Clay.


  1. Kim Novak Proctor says:

    I cannot wait to see what my Gingerbread House looks like after it’s completed!!! What a colorful picture of creativity!!

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