Renewed Spirit

Once a month on a Thursday, Spirit of Clay goes to Hospice of the Western Reserve with a variety of ceramic pieces, paints and brushes.  This is something we have been doing for about 7 years.  We set up in the atrium there and wait for the arrival of people who need a short reprieve from  daily wear and tear on their lives.  It truly is a learning experience for Kelly and I and we would like to believe that it is just as valuable for the patients and their families.  Last night was our Hospice evening.  We have met amazing people, heard tales of incredible struggle and are graced with the sharing of life stories while being there.  We have been blessed by the experiences that we have been part of there.

It is always emotional for us.  It tugs at the heart-strings as anyone could imagine it would.  It has a way of bringing us down to earth and reminding us of the impermanence of life while at the same time helping us to appreciate the joy that we have in our lives.

The holiday visits at Hospice are especially eye-opening.  Families are going about their business of tending to sick loved ones and the preparation of loss in their lives.  Although there are festive decorations and the staff goes out of their way to make it homey and bright, something is missing for me. The hope that everything will “get all better”.  The hope that there will be no sadness, and the hope that life will go on forever.  But there is faith and that shines bright.  Faith that we can get through hard times. Faith that people are resilient. And most importantly our “faith” that carries us through the sadness.

Although I often leave with a heavy heart, I always leave with a renewed spirit.  A spirit renewed with gratitude for everything that we have been blessed with.  For family , friends and all of you who have come into our lives at Spirit of Clay.  You warm our hearts on a daily basis.  You give us hope for a bright tomorrow with your creativity, laughter and stories that you share.   We can only hope that we do the same for you. We are blessed.


  1. Joyce Deak says:

    Amazing thing you are doing. We used hospice for my Dad with alzheimers and are truly amazing people. You will give people a chance to relax and ease their minds for a little while. Although i have only been coming to spirit of clay for a month or two i truly enjoy the chats and the relaxing atmosphere there. Its helps to just clear your mind and forget about the daily things going on. I will be coming for a long time to come. You guys are a blessing!! Have a Merry Christmas.
    Joyce Deak

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